First Church of God - Punxsutawney, PA

Community Groups are a part of life here at FCOG. They are designed to grow people in their faith through authentic spiritual community.


# 10: You will be a part of a miracle.
Community groups connect what we say we believe with what we live in the mixing bowl of real relationships.  Deliberately allowing your faith, daily life and means of relating with others to become aligned with Jesus’ way results in deep spiritual growth and enhanced witness to the world like nothing else can produce.

# 9: Your faith itself will grow.
Community groups provide a system of doing life together that tremendously assists spiritual growth. with others in genuine, healthy spiritual relationships causes what you believe and experience about God to blossom and enrich.  It also emboldens your obedience to God, assists you in hearing His voice more clearly, and encourages you in the promises He’s offered.
# 8: It’s the best way to connect with other believers.
If you are not a part of group life at our church, you will not feel connected to the church (specifically its people and what they’re doing, together).

# 7: It strengthens the church.
As members of Community Groups grow spiritually as individuals, it strengthens the entire church. ’s been said a church won’t be any stronger than what happens Monday through Saturday in home group meetings.

# 6: It was Jesus’ model.
In spite of the large crowds of people following Jesus, He consistently pulled the 12 disciples aside to hang out with them. If Jesus placed such a value in this process, how much more should we?

# 5: You’ll make Jade incredibly happy.
Jade is our Adult Ministries Director. She’s awesome. This was intended to be comic relief, but it is true. She is intensely committed to helping spiritually hungry people take practical steps in their faith.

# 4: You will make friends for life.
Testimonies of those in long-standing Community Groups from churches nationwide consistently say how they’re likely to know where their community group friends are even 10 years after their start, and whether or not they still meet or even live in the same town. , valuable, lifetime relationships begin in Community Groups.

# 3: It’s fun!
Some of the best belly laughs happen in Community Groups. It’s also fun to learn common connections with people you didn’t know about before.

# 2. You will be prepared for the unexpected.
We are extroverted with our online friends sometimes, but when life crashes in around us, we need friends with skin. Groups are the truest picture of the first century church we can know today where everyone truly cares for each other’s needs.

# 1: You’ll have to experience it for yourself.
We can share all kinds of stories about life-change from Community Group life, but until you give it a chance, you’ll never really understand why it’s such a big deal to us.

Community Groups are on break for the Summer, they will resume in September.
If you are interested please call the church office (814) 938-6670